Who is Regarded.org?

For starters, “we” is essentially just me, Georgia Cook. I am the sole designer, developer and maintainer of the website, Regarded.org. This site is one of many within the Cook Network, which I am also currently the sole operator.

About Me

Maintaining this collection of sites is really just a part-time preoccupation for me. I suppose I do it more out of sheer obsession than anything else (I certainly can’t brag about the meager advertising income these sites generate). The genesis of my obsession was a single small personal site in 1994. As time went by, I found the complex process of manually coding and designing rather addictive and started collecting domains which sparked my imagination. Through the years, I developed dozens of independent sites on topics ranging from art to zoology. I discovered, however, that as this domain portfolio grew, it became increasingly tedious to manually update these sites with fresh new content. I therefore decided to focus my efforts on sifting, consolidating and reorganizing the best information that was already available on the web. This afforded me much more time for doing what I really love – tinkering with the underlying code.

About This Site

It is my goal to keep this site informative, on-topic and family-friendly. I employ numerous filters of my own design to weed out most of the irrelevant and inappropriate information. I don’t claim that my programming skills are perfect, however. Some weirdness sometimes slips through the cracks and probably always will. This site is rather large, it’s content is constantly evolving and my time is very limited. I can’t possibly manually edit every page to ensure that it always contains appropriate material. So browse at your own risk. And if you don’t like something you find, please don’t take offense. It is very probably unintentional and I am perpetually working to make sure fewer such accidents occur.